Baptism Party

Baptism party with the best music!


A joyful celebration for a joyful day

The day of your baby’s baptism in Greece is a joyful occasion for the whole family and your friends. It is the best opportunity to meet and celebrate all together to honour the young novice. You managed to cope with the anxiety of making everything perfect and the worrying if the baby will cry during the ceremony. Now it is time to relax and celebrate. It is time for a baptism reception or party! 

A reception or a party may have many demands in terms of organisation. At the same time, they present many opportunities for creative expression. You may select a theme and organise everything around it. The venue, the decoration, the baptism favours, the atmosphere. These will bring out the theme and will add a special character to your event.


Let the music lift you off…

You can create a sense of celebration during your event simply by playing the right music. It is the music that will set the tone and will invite guests to dance and have fun. It is music that will seal the success of your event.

Selecting the right DJ with long experience in similar events and securing a high quality sound are two important prerequisites for a successful event. VIPARTIES can secure both in a trustworthy and professional way. Our people have the necessary experience for a baptism in Greece event. Our equipment is of very high standards. We will discuss with you your preferences. We will define with you the style of music. And we will take care of implementation without stressing you.

Furthermore, VIPARTIES will support the theme you have selected for the party after the baptism. We will propose to you special lighting that will create the desired ambience. Finally, we can also enrich your event by organising a spectacular show with fireworks or laser. Or entertain your guests with a photo booth, a personal keepsake for your guests after an amazing celebration!

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