Beach weddings

Beach weddings in Greece with the best DJs and live bands!


The magic of a beach wedding party

There are many fantasies around the most magical wedding. One of the most popular ones is a beach weddings. Getting married at the edge of the seaside is so romantic and dreamy and natural. Just thinking about it brings images of whitewashed churches by the sea and lanterns, as if hanging from the sky. Just breathtaking…

The Greek islands are ideal destinations for a beach wedding. Not only because the beaches are sensational and can provide the perfect setting for your wedding. A wedding by the sea is something very dear to the Greeks. Therefore, there are many local customs you could adopt to add a bit of local flavour to your wedding. Make the unexpected entrance by arriving on a fishing boat or walk the tiny island alleyways accompanied by local music players.

Alternatively, a beach offers you the freedom to shape the character of your event – a bohemian beach wedding is as charming as a romantic one or one with a theme. Sea shells, sea stars, ropes and knots, so many things that will generate dozens of ideas!

Additionally, what can be more fascinating? You have the perfect backdrop for a super special wedding party.


Music to match your mood

So, the setting is right and you have made up your mind about the style of your beach wedding . Now all you need is to create the right ambiance so that your vision of the day can be complete. Music and light are the basic ingredients for the perfect party recipe.

In order to deliver your vision of the day, you will need a partner to support you. With a long experience and proven expertise in organising the entertainment for challenging events, the VIPARTIES team is ready to step in and take care of every single detail of your beach wedding party. We will assist you in making all the right choices regarding music and lighting.

Picking up the DJ from our team that best serves your vision. Making a decision regarding a live band performance. Playing with the idea to have local music players walking to the ceremony site. Creating the atmosphere you have pictured in your dreams with the right lighting. Adding a special touch with a fireworks or laser show. Trust an expert to guide you through all these decisions in a stress-free manner.

We will fulfill your dreams using the latest equipment and ensuring a top quality delivery.

Can you hear the waves? Start dreaming…

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